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The story of  the greatest footballer the game has ever seen is featured on the reverse side of this ten card set. Starting from his humble beginnings as merely the son of a well known player in his home town, through to the triumph of the classic World Cup finals of Mexico in 1970 and on to his time in American soccer. The story of Pele is a unique and fascinating one. The front of the set features full colour portraits and action shots of the great man

This set is priced at:- £5.00





SET 48: BRAZIL 1970

A set of 12 colour caricatures of the 11 players who represented Brazil in the World Cup Final of 1970; said by many to be the greatest football team-ever, and I’m not going to argue with that! Card 12 is of the Jules Rimet trophy. The reverse side of this set tells the story of how Brazil won the Jules Rimet trophy for the 3rd time, and therefore kept the trophy, for good... Until it was stolen, and melted down! The players included in this set are:-  FELIX, CARLOS ALBERTO, BRITO, WILSON PIAZZA, EVERALDO, CLODOALDO, GERSON, RIVELINO, JAIRZINHO, TOSTAO and PELE.

This set is priced at:- £5.00

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