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Framed Set Info

Our framed card sets come in two sizes. 12 inch x 12 inch (approx) brown

wood frame with gold coloured inlay for sets of 15 cards and 11.5 inch x

9.5 inch (approx) brown wood with gold inlay for sets of 10 and 12 cards.

Each card set is first placed within a card mount, before being

sandwiched between two clear sheets of sturdy Styrene. This is a clear,

strong, glass-like material, which is very lightweight and is virtually


This ‘sandwhich’ is then framed within the wooden frame.


The default colour for the

card mount is green. However

for clubs who predominantly play in a

darker blue, (Rangers, Birmingham, Blackburn,

West Brom, Chelsea) the card mount is blue. This applies to sets

of 15 only. All mounts for framed sets of 10, or 12 cards are green.

The 'sandwich' enables you to

not only view the illustrations on

the fronts of the cards, but you

are also able to read the backs

of the cards whenever you wish! 


The finished item is then boxed, wrapped in large bubble wrap and packaged in strong brown parcel paper and sturdy parcel tape.

All of our framed sets come ready to hang.

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